This Field Incident Based Reporting System is a user friendly system that exceeds
the mandatory NIBRS standards.  Each required field is edited at entry time, avoiding the entry of erroneous data.  Once the incident has been completed, the entire incident is re-edited to ensure all cross edits meet the mandatory requirements.
The system runs on a Windows platform with the following benefits:
    ball.gif Has unlimited narrative capabilities
    ball.gif Provides Spell Checking of narrative information
    ball.gif Includes AD HOC reporting
    ball.gif Provides for complete file search capabilities
    ball.gif Features Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly reporting
    ball.gif Provides maintenance capabilities for the following files:
           - Offense, Victim, Offender, Arrest, Property, Vehicle, Drug,
             Complaint, Witness,Confidential Data, and Officer Assault.
    ball.gif Provides online error checking reports of all incidents
    ball.gif Permits the use of Notebook PC's in the cars
    ball.gif Interfaces with SHIELD Computer Aided Dispatch System
    ball.gif Interfaces to a complete Jail Management Package